All errors that our API returns will fall under the appropriate HTTP error code below. The skeleton for all error responses can be seen below. The code, status and message is always included. The errors and details will only be included when relevant. The errorId is only returned when an Internal Server Error occur, and can be used by ZTLment to debug the underlying cause.

  "code": <HTTP error code>,
  "status": "<HTTP error status>",
  "message": "<error message>",
  "errors": {
    "<field>": "<validation error>",
    "<field>": "<validation error>",
  "details": {
    "<key>": "<value>",
  "errorId": "<ZTLment Error ID>"
HTTP Response status codesDescription
200 OKThe success status response code that indicates that the request has succeeded
400 Bad RequestThe code indicates that the request was denied due to a client error, for example due to a malformed request. This is often because the request body is missing a required parameter.
401 UnauthorizedThe code indicates that the client provided no or invalid API key.
403 ForbiddenThe code indicates that the API key doesn’t have permission to perform the request.
404 Not foundThe code indicates that the requested resource doesn’t exist, which can be either due to an incorrect request parameter (like id of the resource) or due to an incorrect url.
500 Internal Server ErrorThe code indicates that something went wrong on our end - if this happens please try again, and else don’t hesitate to contact us to fix the error.