Get started automating your payments today with the ZTLment Sandbox API.

Request access to the sandbox environment

If you already have access to the sandbox environment you can skip this step.

To get started with the sandbox API you must request access to sandbox here. Once approved, you will receive an email to create your password and proceed to next steps.

Download the ZTLment Authenticator App

Download the ZTLment Authenticator App from the App Store to finalise your account setup.

To use the app in sandbox mode you must open the app, press the “settings” button and select “Sandbox”.

Now you can log in with your email and password, and the app will walk you through the final account setup and address generation.

Get your API key ready

Once you have received access to the sandbox environment you should have received an email with your unique API key. It is important to keep the API key secret as you will be using this key as api_key of your HTTPS requests as described in the Authentication section.

Create your first payment with the sandbox API

Now that you have received sandbox access, downloaded & activated your account you can make your first payment.

The steps are as follows:

  1. 🙋‍♀️ Create External Recipients
    First thing, you create an ‘External Recipient’ which contains the information of the payee.
  2. 💰 Create Payment Objects
    Next, you create a Payment Object using the id, begins with 'ACC_', of your Payment Account as the payer, and the id of the newly created External Recipient as the payee, which begins with 'EXT_'.
  3. Approve Payment Objects in ZTLment or your dashboard
    Once you have created a Payment Object it must be approved via the dashboard (in production this is generally done by someone in the finance department).
  4. 📲 Sign Payment Objects in ZTLment Authenticator App
    Lastly, the Payment Object must to be signed with the private key of the payer account, which is securely stored in the ZTLment Authenticator app on the user’s phone. When new Payment Objects are approved, the native app receives push notifications to sign the Payment Objects. To sign the Payment Object the user must log in to the app and swipe. This is the final step which initialises the payment.