Manage your payments using Payment Objects & Recipients

Payment Objects

Payment Objects represent a payment from one account to another. The sending account (the payer) must be an existing user of ZTLment. The receiving account (the payee) can either be an existing user of ZTLment or an External Recipient. If the payment is to an existing user of ZTLment, the funds will be received in the payees account within 15 seconds of final sign-off. In cases where the payee is not a user of ZTLment the payment will be made out to the IBAN specified.

It is important to note that all Payment Objects must be signed by the payer via the ZTLment Authentication App in order for funds to be transferred. Newly created Payment Objects will immediately appear on the payer’s dashboard for finance approval, and after approval the payment will appear for final sign-off in the ZTLment Authenticator App.

If you are marking a very large payment and want to provide supporting documentation please use the following endpoint Create Payment Objects with Supporting Docs


Recipients are used for sending payments to payees which are not users of ZTLment. They will receive the payments in their IBAN accounts.

Recipients can only be used as the payee in Payment Objects, and is referred to by their account identifier.